Our Team

 PALM2 has  a team of

  • – 15 mobilizers + CRP’s
  • – 7 field coordinators
  • – 3 Qualified senior staff ( inclusive Founder )
  • – Outside expertise is called in if and when necessary
  • – One  account assistant
  • – 4 pre school teacher and 4 helpers
  • – A voluntary TRUST Board with 5 members.
  • 1. Gudalur Staff 2. Thalavadi Staff

    1. Gudalur Staff
    2. Thalavadi Staff

The PALM 2 staff is selected more on their attitude towards the poor, than on their degrees on paper. The new staff is obliged to undergo a series of training programs in the Self Help Group Concept, in communication, basic administration, problem solving and Bank linking as well as in the basic principles of organic agriculture. Each individual program emphasizes on gender equity. Learning the PRA methodology is a must and applied at all times.

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