Our Goals

PALM s development programs are based on 5 main goals

  1. To increase values and skills of the marginalized poor by forming individuals into groups and build up the capacity of people’s organizations to achieve an effective and sustainable society, which can deal with its own development issues and human Rights affairs.
  2. To achieve improved family incomes for the below poverty line people through a series of training programs and utilize available loan schemes to commence a trade or profession for an income.
  3. To enhance total organic farming by improving soil health and eradicate the use of chemicals towards a balanced eco system through a series of practical training and implementation programs for sustainable food security.
  4. To reduce environmental degradation by involving all stakeholders in soil- water- and waste management and promote the flora and fauna and tree planting campaigns.
  5. To improve the nutritional status and prevent communicable diseases through preventive health programs and support the mentally and physically challenged persons .
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