Health, Nutrition

Pilot Project on Nutrition 

Home grown organic self sufficiency of the hill tribes in South India

This community based pilot project enhances a transformation in  food habit utilising local resources through the involvement of a ” nutrition akka ” (akka =elder sister ) in every village.

This is a three year Pilot project to be carried out with the consultancy of the organisation FUUD and implemented by the PALM 2 NGO The objective is to eradicate malnutrition in 15 tribal villages in the Gudalur and Pandhalur Thaluks in the Nilgiris District through a process of transformation. On the success of this pilot, the project will then be
extended to cover 200 tribal villages in the next phase of implementation .
Key Features of this project :
Facilitate a change in 15 tribal villages as a pilot project for 3 years by
* Training of staff and 15 community health akka’s in liaison with the Nutrition Consultant
* Distributing know how incorporating traditional knowledge on food habits
* Promoting homegrown organics and achieve self sufficiency in nutritional supplements
* involving the community towards total self reliance from the planning stage .
* Reducing anaemia and malnutrition by 80 % and incorporate the village infrastructure programs
Expected outcome :
A transformation in health and sanitation standards as well as an ownership of the project is achieved. Mothers of 15 tribal villages have successfully developed means to fight malnutrition through sustainable access of nutritional resources. A nutrition akka is trained and active in each of the 15 villages. 80 % of the village women and children are free of malnutrition within a period of 3 years. Environmental changes proved to be sustainable.

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