Civil Society

Building Civil Society

Continuous training programs  to the women of the selfhelpgroups in Gudalur have resulted in a general upliftment of their living standards and 40 % of the households have changed from Below poverty Line to a middle class status. This resulted in the fact that PALM 2 increased  its focus towards  organising the poor and marginalised farmers , who are still left behind in development.

draw backs for farmers are  :

  • caste issues
  •  low or no income from agri fields
  •  no access to the government Departments
  •  lack of motivation for women farmers
  •  unexpected weather patterns and climate change effects.
  • –  overpowering influence by middlemen/ dependency
  • –  insufficient knowledge on existing schemes                                                                   Highlights for 2016 :  under Agriculture : Farmers  Producers Companies
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