Latest Events

On March 15, 2015  PALM 2 celebrated womens day in a large hall. It was attended by alomost 200 women  of the SHG’s + many interested farmers. A powerful speaker talked about domestic violence and its consequences. Songs and traditional dances cheered up the occasion. Highlight :  Of the 300 women 20 % came from the tribal villages .

speaker on Womens day program

The position of a woman at home was explored by Mrs. Sujatha from Providence College Coonoor.

A training in Toda embroidery was conducted by mrs Sheela for 18 poor women, who will make this activity an income from their homes.all women are learning the TODA embroideryFIG oriendation among tribal in Thatachalatty









Tribal farmers form into an Farmers interest Group in tribal village, explained by Yesudasan, Program Coordinator. Out of   appr. 60 FIGs eventually an Farmers Producers Company will be formed.

Waste management Thalavadi

120 waste bins were distributed in the Thalavdi Block and environmental awareness on waste disposal was given by the PALM 2 staff at the same time to villagers and 40 rural schools. Different newspapers commented on the achievements of PALM 2 in improved cleanliness in Thalavadi.                                   news paper cutting of waste management education in Thiginarai school







Training of staff in formation of Farmers Producers Companies .

The PALM 2 trained all its staff in a systematic process in the formation of all the farmers into FIG’s  ( farmers interest groups) which eventually are clubbed into one Farmers Producers Company.

Training of project proposal for Thalavadi FPO in Hosur to Board of Directors.





New Target Area :14 new villages were adapted into the PALM 2 development approach , located at the border of the wild life sanctuary  . 40 % of the population belong to 2 tribes. Most villagers live from agricultural income  and the formation of farmers groups is a priority.

Health program

Health Education to 18 volunteers. One day a month volunteers and staff  were trained in preventive health issues at the PALM Office A certificate was handed out to the succesful trainees. 3 tribal women did the exam orally  but with good results.                Ms Bommi is receiving her certificate :







Income Generation Projects : Many women commenced an individual IGP for a secondary family income to be able to pay their schoolfees and health expenditure next to their day to day expenditure.

A PRA exercise in Kuntoor showed the need for an intervention program, which started consequently  by conducting early childhood development for the 2 -5 year old children .

PRA in kuntoor







Mrs Badrakalamma started a rice and wheat mill with a JLG loan , to grind items for as an income :

Mrs.Badrakalamma result of JLG loan.

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