Vision, Main Goal and Objectivies


  • Towards empowerment of target communities 
  • Women Focused
  • Working in Partnership.
  • Economic, agricultural, environmental, social and institutional sustainability.
  • Transparency in dealings.
  • Inter dependency
  • Rights based and need based


To enhance poverty reduction of the poor and marginalized men and women towards a respectable standard of living and promote an improved and balanced eco system, regardless race, caste, tribe or religion


PALM 2 uses a participatory holistic development approach in which all subjects in development are interconnected.


To eradicate poverty among the most deprived communities by building up men and women through a step by step development process, towards a sustainable livelihood and total self reliance with the main focus on sustainable agriculture, bio diversity and basic human rights

Sub objectives – Building Civil Society 

  • To encourage formation and strengthening of SHG’s and farmer groups through relevant programs and link them up with available financial resources
  • To promote a healthy entrepreneurship by extending EDP training programs for an Income for men and women.
  • To utilize the government health staff to deliver improved preventive and curative health in all target villages
  • To promote Government schemes in skill development and handicapped programs, subsidy schemes and other related programs offered by the Government.
  • To develop knowledge on legal and basic rights to obtain all legal benefits.
  • To assist the Government in implementing reforestation, sanitation, water management and man/ animal conflict and promote sustainable energy.

Sub objectives – Tribal Development 

  • To enter tribal villages through early childhood development and engage the parents and promote pre school and primary education.
  • To form and strengthen 15 Village Development Committees and coordinate monthly meetings for improvement of infrastructure , educational and cultural habits and practice sramadana.
  • To open Bank accounts and promote an internal saving system in the VDC.
  • To guide the 15 VDC’s towards democratic self operation through leadership and skill development programs and facilitate improved knowledge of tribal rights through expertise.
  • To motivate the villagers to utilize all the available government Schemes.

Sub objectives – Sustainable Agriculture

  • To form JLGs out of  4565   farmers  into  2 FPC’s (Farmers Producer Company)  towards self reliance through a series of training programs
  • To select and train the Board of Directors and register 2 FPC’s
  • To facilitate FPC marketing  for self reliance
  • To encourage  and train farmers in 2 target areas to practice organic farming according to PGS ( participatory guarantee system ) system



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