About PALM 2

Participatory Action & Learning Methodologies (PALM 2) is a Non Governmental Organization registered in Gudalur taluk, the Nilgris district, Tamil Nadu state of South India. The organization was founded by Ms. Natasha, who started many activities initially among the tea puckers in the Nilgiris District and formed a  CBOs among farmers and Woman also supporting numerous activities related to tribal development/ waste management and women development projects.

Initially the goal of the organization was uplifting the poor and isolated communities in the tea estates and the PALM staff was working with women only and supported by the Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation. The organization expanded to the nearby villages in the Nilgiris District( the original target area ) from 2004 and in 2007 an additional target area in the Thalavadi Block in Erode District of South India was identified. This Taluk was recognized by the Central Government as one of the poorest Thaluks in the whole of India. In 2015 the PALM 2 obliged  to the request of farmers from the Hangala Block in the State of Karnataka and  commenced initial organic trainings among the poor and marginalized farmers , who were mostly organic by neglect. The working area of PALM 2 is exclusively rural and consists out of 80 %  of agricultural activities at present. The PALM 2 has adapted villages in  19 Panchayats  totally .

The PALM 2 is using the  PRA( participatory rural appraisal) methodology to  identify farmers problems  before entering into their villages  which reveals clearly the farmers needs , both men and women. The basic principles of PALM2 is working along the activities worked out usually in a 2 or 3 year plan ,  made in a participatory manner, out of which an annual action plan is extracted .  In the said plans the participation of both men and women is clearly explained and the staff  programs and expectations are also described in the annual action plan , showing clearly every month who is responsible for what. It is the policy of PALM 2 to mention the participation of male and female separate  for each program and at least 33 % of each major event should be covered by women. In the long-term plans the influences of the Government programs  and their changes on the PALM 2 development plan is mentioned under “ assumptions or remarks “ . A separate document is available indicating all the proposed plans , including “Building Civil Society “ and the “ Tribal Development “ for 2016 , 2017, 2018.

Main activities of the NGO are as follows 

  1. Women and farmers development – Establishment and strengthening of Community Based organization ( FIG, SHG’s, Farmers Club’s, JLG, VDC); Income generation programme; facilitating bank loans;, linking with Nabard Financial Service and training on agriculture development,etc
  2. Tribal development – Establishment of Preschool; Formation of village development committee and  training; training on gender/ health issues; income generation programme. Linking govt schemes,etc
  3. Environment development – Planting trees; training on good agriculture practices; awareness programs , construction of Individual toilets

To work for all- round development of scheduled caste/ scheduled tribe and others.

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